We start here

The first few minutes pass by as I think of an idea, The cursor blinks, black and then blank, black and then blank again. Thoughts rotating around my head- "Should it be a 'welcome to my blog' post or just a random post?" The cursor blinking at me; taunting me to put my words out there, for the world to see, telling me, "You better start writing gal! I's been 7 minutes now." An idea opens the door and creeps in just for it to be rejected by a, "Hey, that's not a good one."

Not knowing how to start, I sip my coffee, twirl the pencil in my hand, hum songs and curse my brain for not working. The cursor still blinking at me, "Why wouldn't you just start writing?", it asks. Finally comes the idea of, "How difficult can this actually be?" And then come sin, 'We start here'

"Finally," the cursor breaths in and types out words its used to, adding an entire new meaning to a sentence, with every letter, every space, every line, every comma and with every key.

What was your 'We start here'?

Just simply,